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Environmental education center of ACQUERINO in Sambuca Pistoiese (Pistoia)

Via di Monachino 8 - 51020 Sambuca Pistoiese (Pistoia)
Number of beds40
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The Reserve has been managed since the 1930s by the State Forestry Corps. In the area there are also areas of archaeological interest (medieval buildings and roads) and historical (with the remains of the war artefacts of the Gothic Line), also thanks to the numerous Pro Loco associations there is a notable activity of promoting folklore and food and wine. of the rich rural culture of the territory in general. The whole of this represents a real defense against the protection and conservation of natural environments and biodiversity, as well as a fundamental green lung that lies at a short distance from highly urbanized areas, and is also an extraordinary opportunity for the development of a sustainable local economy aimed at cultural and green tourism as well as environmental education.

Inside the Reserve there is the Building of the State Forestry Corps, a large building with apartments and large internal and external spaces suitable for holding conferences. The same CFS has stipulated an agreement with Legambiente Pistoia for the assignment of the building to carry out environmental education projects in the area in collaboration with the Associations and Cooperatives of the area that pursue goals of protection and promotion of the environment and legality.

Thanks to the availability of 40 beds, a kitchen, a refectory and large indoor and outdoor spaces, Cea Acquerino lends itself perfectly to being used as a scout house for groups from all over Italy.

The Acquerino State Nature Reserve is located in the Municipality of Sambuca Pistoiese (province of Pistoia) and covers an Apennine area of 243 hectares, located between 880 m asl (Ponte Rigoli) and 1,319 m asl of Monte La Croce . It is characterized by a large forest cover, consisting of mixed forests, beech woods and artificial coniferous plants. Small extensions of meadows-pastures complete the picture of habitats present and are sometimes covered by asphodel and digitalis blooms. Dead trees left in the woods are the source of a vast wealth of saproxylic insects and consequently of a rich community of small mammals and insectivorous birds, such as shrews and woodpeckers. There are also many large mammals, among which stands out the deer, which was successfully reintroduced here in the 1950s. There are also roe deer, fallow deer and wild boar, all of which recently joined the wolf's diet. The natural recolonization of this predator, which recently regained the Northern Apennines, allowed to close the ecological cycle, which had broken down over a century ago due to its disappearance, to the benefit of the entire ecosystem. Other predators present are the fox and the stone marten, as well as various species of birds, such as the sparrow hawk and the buzzard. It is not uncommon to observe even the golden eagle.

Within 1 km bar / catering. Between 1 and 5 km inhabited area. Between 5 and 10 km church, bus stop. Over 10 km train station, ATM, supermarket, pharmacy, hospital.

Mandatory deposit, July and August minimum stay 6 nights.

Rates: € 12 per person per night in summer, € 15 per person per night in winter.

Specific details

Guest profile Parish youth group, Organized group, Parish group, School group, Scout
Living room motif School camps, Spiritual retreats, Prayer meetings, Scout camps, Courses / seminars, Conferences
When to go April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Type of structure Scout camp
Structure management Lay non-profit
Area Bosco, Mountain
Treatment Self-management
Type of accommodations Triple / Multiple, Shared rooms, Beds for sleeping bags, Ground space indoors for sleeping bags
Common services Garden, s play area, Meeting room
Accommodation equipment Shared bathroom


Via di Monachino 8 - 51020 Sambuca Pistoiese (Pistoia)